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Order here and we will rush your Primo Chalk Ball to you anywhere in the US for just $12 total!

  • Superior Grip - You know that feeling of being locked on, when your grip is perfect?  We designed that into Primo.
  • Skin Conditioning - Primo's essential oil blend & fine epsom salt reduces your calluses and stops tears during training.
  • Antibacterial - Five proven antibacterial essentials oils protect against staph bacteria on equipment. 
  • Won't fall off - Primo stays put.  You will chalk up less, use less and spend less money.
  • Purity guaranteed - Our chalk undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure purity and safety.   Primo is free of lead and toxins that can harm you.  
  • Refillable - You can save $ when you refill with loose Primo.
  • Made in the USA - We blend and package Primo Chalk in our own facility, just south of Austin, TX. 
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