best climbing chalk bucket, ball and loose chalk bag
A Better Chalk That's Better For You.
 Healthy Skin - Solid Grip - Naturally Antibacterial with No Harmful Chemicals
How is Primo different?
Primo Chalk starts with our magnesium carbonate base. Sounds fancy but it’s actually just chalk. From there we add super fine Epsom salt, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon essential oils – a combination that smells clean and yes, invigorating. 
..Why does this matter?
The result is a light and fine antibacterial chalk with no harmful chemicals added and made right here in Austin, Texas. We’re ready for your toughest challenge with every clean and jerk, kipping pull-up, your next climb or going for that last press to reach your new PR. ...see how
climbing chalk ball
Primo Chalk Ball
Our chalk ball gives you the perfect amount of chalk every time with as little mess as possible. Did we mention it’s easily refillable? 
Rock Climber - Josh Denham V10 climber
4 days outdoors - no skin problems
1lb bucket of weight lifting chalk
1lb Primo Red Bucket
This contains a tub of our original loose chalk. It’s not airtight so loose chalk comes packaged in a plastic bag inside the bucket.  
Power Lifter - Caleb Hutson
loose gym chalk or climbing chalk
Six-Ounce Bag
Use this to refill your Primo Chalk Ball and you’ll be happy with how long it’ll stick around. Our chalk has a super fine texture so all you need is a pinch. This bag contains six ounces of loose Primo Chalk and can refill our chalk ball three times. It’s resealable and airtight.
Highland Gamer Competitor / Power Lifter - Eric White
5lb bucket of weight lifting or climbing chalk
5lb Primo Red Bucket
This bucket contains a whole lot of chalk. It’s a large bucket but remember a little pinch will go a long way. A chalk topper is recommended for less mess. This one is airtight.
Ninja Warrior / Climber / Trainer - Kyle Soderman
climbing t-shirt
Chalk Topper
The best friend to our five pound Primo red bucket. The chalk topper keeps your chalk from getting everywhere besides your hands.
climbing t-shirt
Own your #PrimoAthlete and proudly where your own limited run #PrimoAthlete T-Shirt. Poly/Cotton Blend. Available in S-XXL and male & female cuts.
How it works
Epsom salt and essential oils together reduce callus build up and protect your hands from dryness, cracking and rips. ...learn more
Primo Chalk’s essential oil-blend, known as Thieves oil, kills staph and other bacteria that live in the gym and just about everywhere else too.   ...learn more
Primo Chalk is made using essential oils. However, our formula ensures you get the benefits of essential oils, without their natural oil texture causing you to lose grip. Primo Chalk’s blend allows you to still get a great grip while also conditioning your hands. 
Highland Games Competitor - Bryan Simpson
The Science and safety
 Did you know there were NO standards in place in the US for athletic chalk?  We consulted with experts in diverse fields and actually had to create a new safety standard for athletic chalk.  

There's no such thing as "pure" chalk.  All brands contain mostly magnesium carbonate and are made up of other minerals, like calcium carbonate.  What you don't want is toxic stuff (obviously).

Primo Chalk is free from any heavy metals (like lead) and dioxins (poisons).  We use an established laboratory to chemically test our materials to ensure your safety.  Further, none of our ingredients contain gluten or fillers.
Climber / Lifter / Crossfitter - William Thornton
Does it get messy?
If used carelessly, it could.  Primo's coverage is good and athletes need only a little bit.  

Just get a little, work it into your hands and do your thing.  Don't treat primo like it's the cheap stuff.  

If you're in a gym/box, we suggest putting a "bucket topper" over your bucket and letting your athletes know they need just a little bit.
Pro Tips for your Primo Chalk
  • 1. Wash and fully dry your hands before you use Primo Chalk.  This will wash off any excess oils and sweat before using a pinch of chalk. Seriously, this is important.
  • 2. All you need is a pinch of Primo Chalk. Just get a little bit and work it into your hands. Don't be a chalk monster because less is more! 
  • 3. Close the chalk container when it’s not being used. Primo Chalk will absorb moisture from the air over time if it’s left out. Closing the chalk’s lid will ensure it lasts longer.
  • 4. Wash your hands after your workout and Primo Chalk will condition and heal your skin. Pretty cool, right?
  • 5. Use our chalk balls to easily get the perfect amount every time. With our buckets, we recommend you use a chalk topper to eliminate any mess. 
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