Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Stop Calluses and Tears.
...and chalk up a whole lot less 
Seriously, like maybe 1 time per session...
...and get better grip. 
Yeah,  I know, they all say that, don't they?   (It bugs us too)
 A few Athletes have discovered...
these 5 tricks give them softer calluses, better grip and
fewer  ...or even no tears at all
  • Wash and fully dry your hands to get the oils and stuff off before you use chalk.  Seriously,  this is important. 
  •   If you bought loose chalk,  put  some into a smaller container.  It's a real bummer if someone knocks over a bucket of loose chalk on your gym floor.  ...ask me how I know.
  • You just get a little bit and work it into your hands.  Knock off the excess!!  More is not better with Primo - That's why it lasts so long.  If it's caking on your hands, that's too much.
  • Keep your chalk in peak condition, close the container when not in use
  •  Wash your hands after training!! Primo's essential oil blend kicks into overdrive to condition and heal your skin.  Isn't that amazing?
If all you got from this was no more tears and softer hands would be worth doing, right?
OK, Check this out...
There is actually another trick.
...It has more to do with being clever than health

Some people figured out they could use loose Primo to refill chalk balls. 

Amazingly, a 6oz bag will refill your ball 3 times!...  

...That's pretty cool, right?

...take a sec and do the math on that
That's ok, I'll do it for you... That's only $4 per ball (Saving you $8!!
Not bad at all, right?
Would it be worth following these tips
...If all you got was better grip during training?
...Then, why not grab some now?
Here's your chance to get two 6oz bags
...and save up to $72 on chalk balls! + FREE SHIPPING
Chalk ball with refill
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