Any Athlete can instantly improve without fear of injury, and grip or skin issues!

Follow these tips with Primo and see for yourself.

You will also save a lot of $$!
  • 1. Wash your hands to get the oils and stuff off before you use chalk.   Seriously,  this is important.  
  • 2. Get a little Primo, knock off the excess and work it into your hands. More is not better with Primo.  If it's caking on your hands, that's probably too much.
  • 3. Keep the package closed when not in use.  This keeps it fresh and performing best.
  • 4. If you bought loose chalk,  dispense some into a smaller container.  It's a real bummer if someone knocks over a bucket of loose chalk on your gym floor.  ...ask me how I know.
  • 5.  Wash your hands after training.  Besides being a really good idea in general,  when using Primo, our essential oil blend go into overtime to condition your skin when you do! 
  • 6. Our chalk balls are refillable.  Getting loose Primo saves  money.  A 6oz bag will refill your ball at least 2 times.  

Buy 2 bags now for only 19.99

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